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björk / drawing restraint #9 / one little indian

boomkat review
Sometimes I wonder if Matthew Barney and Björk's relationship is working out for the rest of us.

/ astralwerks

This collection of b-sides and unreleased tracks by the shambling Swedish pop group the Concretes holds up better than most full-lengths I've heard of late, and should be a wonderful summer treat. The Concretes are catchy, sexy and haunting mid-tempo pop, incorporating equal parts Mazzy Star dreaminess, awkward Velvet Underground grooviness and vintage American rootsiness in a decidedly original confection. Singer Victoria Bergman's voice drips with heartache and joy, and the band seems to approach their duties with remarkably little ego to contend with--two-finger organ melody, a lazily plucked mandolin, or simple hypnotic string arrangement. They manage to always give the impression (false, I'm certain) that there is no master plan, just a laidback group of friends singing and strumming.
listen: forces
listen: lady december

colder / heat / output

Hot new 80's sounding electro-pop, often compared to Joy Division. Marc Nguyen Tan has done it again!
listen: wrong baby
listen: to the music


blir / blir / raster noton

SND project, Blir is the most recent featured artist in the exceptional Raster Post series. The album begins with blended vibrating microbeats burrowing forward, layering one on top of the other. There is a wider range of sounds explored in this album compared to previous releases. Bleeps, gently simmering static, dull thuds, piercing melodies continually evolve through each track like changing colours that melt into each other.
listen: 2
listen: 17

fennesz + sakamoto / sala santa cecilla / touch

Fennesz and Sakamoto construct a beautifully concentrated 19 minutes that covers a lot of ground. They appear to have a very natural connection, that can only come from mutual respect and a fair amount of give and take. "Sala Santa Cecilla" is a beautifully constructed journey through glitchy clouds and atmospheric hums.
listen: sala santa cecilia

boards of canada / new album / october

"we are extremely proud to announce that boards of canada have finished and mastered their new album, to be released in october - their first release since 2002's geogaddi! the album is very much classic boards of canada, building on themes and sounds that can can be heard in their intervening remix work for beck, cLOUDDEAD and boom bip..
- warp records"

chris cunningham / new video / aphex twin

decibel festival / seattle / september 22-25

line up so far:
isolee, fennesz, thomas fehlmann, akufen, deadbeat, aeroc, tim hecker, deru, proem, machine drum, l'usine, jeff samuel, jacob london, caro, bruno ponsato, cepia, loscil, strategy, deceptikon, gel-sol, 302, dj merck